Speculation in Shares and Forex Market

Forex speculator; a few questions

What platform/brokerage do you use and is it compatible with a Mac?
I've primarily been a futures trader using TD and ToS but I am switching over to forex due to bankroll restraints.
Have you ever had an experience gaining more than 100% per year more than once in a row?
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[NG] - Emefiele, CBN GOV, warns ‘We will ensure forex speculators lose money’ | Vanguard

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[NG] - Emefiele, CBN GOV, warns ‘We will ensure forex speculators lose money’

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Best Euro and Dollar Savings Accounts which can be opened from the UK

Hi all,
I'm looking for some advice on the best savings accounts, preferably interest bearing which I can open from the UK which will allow me to hold Dollars and/or Euros.
I usually have about £7000 in cash reserves which would ideally be split 50/30/20 Pounds/Euros/Dollars
This isn't forex speculation, I'm not looking to spread bet. I'm looking to hedge against exchange rate fluctuations.
Any suggestions would be welcome. If I'm in the wrong place, just let me know, it's my first post :)
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5 Things I'm Watching Today (Tuesday, Nov 27th)

As always, thanks for reading. Any feedback on how to make this bettemore useful is always welcome.
  1. Growing tariff threat: Trump threatened to follow through with 25% tariffs on Chinese goods, up from 10%, starting in January. Meeting between Trump and Xi might be the best (last?) chance to defuse tensions (Washington Post). This could all be expectation setting though (if it's something like "look, it was going to be 25% but we kept it at 10%!" Really nothing changed). What counts as a "ceasefire" isn't much.
  2. All Fed all week: Lots of Fed action on the calendar this week. Clarida is the most important today (said he backs gradual hikes as the neutral rates remain uncertain, but also said TIPS shows inflation "somewhat" below 2% target). WSJ overnight said Fed will be data-dependent, which is as expected, but that inflation expectations might start to be more of a factor, especially if it keeps falling. And note, core is the most important metric - so strip out oil prices. Still the most important this week is Powell's speech in NY (Wednesday at 11:30 am ET).
  3. Rising rates as fewer foreign buyers purchasing Treasuries: Reuters talked about this overnight. This could be a big headwind if it pushes borrowing costs even higher.
  4. Dollar headwind on growing net-long positioning: Reuters talked about this overnight. Could be a headwind to earnings growth next year, which is expected to fall into the single digits from 20%+ this year. Between rates and the dollar, there's less room for error in earnings season.
  5. Other headwinds to growth: The Wall Street Journal said the GM closings are a "fresh sign of worry" of slowing domestic growth. WSJ also said the "housing boom is coming to an end" on higher rates and affordability concerns. That alone is nothing new, but it gives us a better idea of when and how big of a drag housing will be on GDP growth (it has already been a net negative for at least the past quarter, so look for that to only get worse). Bloomberg said capital spending is slowing, and might only get worse on trade concerns.
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Forex Traders Prefer Funded Traders Program Over Forex Brokers

Forex Traders Prefer Funded Traders Program Over Forex Brokers

A firm active in Forex speculation investments, The5ers can help forex traders in enhancing their trading careers. You’re probably thinking that The5ers is yet another forex broker but it is not! Unlike a broker, The5ers does not provide retail trading accounts off the counter. Instead, the privilege of trading with The5ers funded accounts is given to those who deserve it or those who’ve mastered the skill of trading.
Once a trader qualifies for trading with The5ers funded forex accounts, they have the advantage of an un-compatible growth scheme and trading with zero risks. For seasoned forex traders who want to grow their capital exponentially while keeping the risks involved to a bare minimum, The5ers Funded Forex Traders account is a great way to achieve their objectives.
So, what advantage does The5ers have over your average forex broker? The5ers proprietary trading account—unlike your average retail brokerage account—offers some of the most flexible Forex trading terms that you will find in the market. Offering the ultimate forex proprietary trading career, The5ers does not accept any money from traders. Instead, The5ers funds trading accounts from its own available capital to provide traders with stable capital resources for their trading activity and growth.
The5ers is the way to go for traders who want to trade with a funded forex account that comes with minimal risk and increased freedom in trading.

What Makes The5ers Different from Traditional Retail Brokerage Forex Trading Programs

With traditional forex brokers, traders’ hands are tied as they are allowed limited trading strategies and the given trading targets are often unrealistic. On the other hand, trading with The5ers platform relieves traders from these unnecessary headaches. Tailored to achieve maximum profit with minimal to no risk, The5ers trading parameters are comfortable, to say the least.
The5ers trading platform is completely funded by The5ers and traders only need to pay a one-time enrolment fee to start the evaluation. This is required to qualify for trading with the funded accounts of The5ers. Even during the evaluation period, traders will be given their split from any profit made.
Making things even better is The5ers’s exponential growth scheme that comes into effect once a trader has reached the 10% growth target. Traders are rewarded for the outstanding performance with a payout. The above benefits would certainly pique an interest in trading with The5ers’s funded forex accounts. Following are some of the main reasons why more and more forex traders today are choosing funded forex traders programs, like the one offered by The5ers, over traditional forex brokers.

Legal Benefit

When trading through a forex trading or with a retail brokerage account, the trader is a client which means they have limited capital security. Impulsive and reckless behavior can often result from this as traders have no pressure to perform within a structured system or show consistency in their trading actions. While a trader is the owner of capital in this scenario and they can withdraw at will, their ability to grow is severely limited.
On the other hand, a proprietary fund does not make you the client or the owner of the trading capital. Within the framework of a funded forex traders program like The5ers’s, you are only a contractor and a service provider.
As a trader does not invest any of their own money to trade with the platform, a funded traders program like The5ers can provide the trader trading services anywhere in the world, regardless of local regulations. This can be great news for forex traders in the U.S and Canada since regulations in these countries force those trading with a brokerage account to trade only within the country. Similarly, while residents of Brazil and France are prohibited from self-investing in forex, they can trade in forex using a fully funded remote proprietary trading account.

Low Cost of Entry

To start trading with a retail brokerage account, traders need to fund the trading account completely from their own resources. For traders, this would typically mean spending $20,000 to $100,000 from their own resources to have sufficient funds in the trading account to produce a decent monthly payout. A funded traders program like The5ers relieves traders of this problem by requiring them to only pay a few hundred dollars to start trading with an entry-level account that can provide them with trading capital of up to $40,000.

Avoiding the Leverage Temptation

Prospective traders are offered a dangerously high amount of leverage by many retail brokers today. Not many traders are aware of this, but the high amount of leverage given to them by retail brokers is to make them trade irresponsibly. It is in every trader’s best interest to avoid the temptation of using this high leverage in trading. The temptation is automatically avoided when trading with a funded traders program like The5ers. This is because The5ers funded trading platform requires traders to trade in a responsible manner. When traders adhere to The5ers’s guidelines, they avoid reckless and futile behavior.

Risk-Free Trading

In a retail brokerage account, all of the risks is assumed by the trader. This is because the trader is trading completely with their own capital. On the other hand, this risk is minimized—if not eliminated—by a funded trading account since funds for trading are provided by the trading platform. Hence, the trader does not have to pay for any losses but they can still take their share from the profit.

Increased Flexibility for International Traders

Traders in countries with strict regulations for forex trading will find a remote proprietary trading fund like The5ers as the ideal solution for their troubles. Offering increased flexibility to international traders, The5ers Funded Forex Traders Program allows traders to trade at any given time and whenever they want. This makes it perfect for a night trader, weekend trader, or any other kind of trader that one can think of.

Great Profit Sharing and Account Growth Scheme

Funded forex traders programs such as The5ers pay traders according to their growth. In addition to high-profit sharing, a much larger, exponential growth scheme is offered. The growth scheme comes into effect once a trader has reached the 10% growth target. The5ers believes that successful traders should be rewarded appropriately. Thus, it offers decent monthly payouts and stable growth to traders to reward them for trading profits in a timely, organized, and consistent manner

Ease of Joining

There are no special requirements for trading with The5ers’s trading platform. Anyone can apply for trading with The5ers funded accounts whether they are a retail broker or someone with similar experience and knowledge in forex trading. However, all traders will need to pass an evaluation exam to start trading with The5ers forex funded accounts.
Looking at the above benefits, choosing a funded traders program over forex brokers would be the obvious and sensible choice. One of the best forex trading programs available today, The5ers Funded Forex Traders Program offers profit split, minimal self-capital risk, a great growth scheme, and accounting financing in addition to flexible trading terms and 24/7 support, making it a must for all forex traders out there.
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Why pick Forex over Index funds?

I would like to know the reasoning of people who pick Forex speculation over long term index fund investing?
What makes people think they can compete in a trillion dollar market, which is extremely efficient and also literally a zero-sum game unlike stocks which are not zero sum?
Forex is also skewed AGAINST the retail investor and brokers use fees and spreads to skew it even more.
I just don't see a logical reason why a person would ever try to speculate in Forex, invest all the time and energy when there are index funds which in the long run of several decades will most likely provide solid growth with compounding.
Even if you want to be an active trader why not pick stock trading over forex? Again, stocks are not a zero-sum game unlike Forex.
Would really like to hear strong counter arguments to this.
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EURUSD fundamental analysis 2/13/18

So I pulled up the data from January 2017 on both Euro and USD. I think everyone can agree that was when you wanted to go long EURUSD. Here's what I found on each of the categories that I've been told are important to fundamental analysis:
Here's where we stand today:
As I've noted before the big thing that stood out in the Jan 17 assessment is that negative trade balance on the US side. I still maintain that $48B/mo in negative cash flows (now $79B!) just from running the economy has to dwarf any contribution from Forex speculators, but maybe I'm wrong. Yes, trillions of dollars move through Forex and derivatives, but these are Euros being bought with no stop loss or take profit, and minimal concern for order entry position. We would have to go all the way back to May of 2014 to see conditions that greatly favored the US.
Comparing this year to last, Euro is down 28% on its inflation but up 9.4% on unemployment and 1.2% on government debt. The trade balance has swung $24.7B in favor of the Euro. GDP growth rate and interest rate has not changed.
On the other hand, the USD had doubled its interest rate while losing 16% of its inflation. GDP has more than doubled and unemployment has improved 14.6%. The massive trade deficit has worsened 9% to -$53B. Government debt improved last year 0.38% but I expect that number to worsen once Trump's tax plan is on the books.
Tomorrow's inflation data is projected to show 1.9% which would be even worse at -24%.
So going category by category:
I'm not seeing inflation to justify interest rate increases on the USD side. If you want to buy bonds I think now is the time to do so. You can resell them later once the US announces it is backing off from interest rate increases. The Trump tax plan did prop up the stock market momentarily, but it also incurs debt that's going to hurt the US if it wants to continue raising interest rates.
The US cannot fix its trade balance. The new tax plan really only helps plutocrats. I don't think giving more money to the average citizen would help either since the average citizen would just spend more on foreign goods. The only thing I can think of is some sort of redistribution of wealth, with a focus on helping small businesses. At any rate, I'm not a politician just a speculative spectator.
Other than long EURUSD, JPY, ZAR, and CNH all look strong with high trade balances to counteract the USD. ZAR and CNH have higher interest rates, though Oanda doesn't pay interest on the CNH trade. NZD looks more risky but it might be worth a play as well. There isn't as much pressure for them to drive their currency down like there is for JPY and CNH. I like ZAR mostly as a hedge against the negative carry trade from being long the other currencies, but it should improve in value as well.
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UK Financial Watchdog Warns Public of Crypto Clone Firm

UK Financial Watchdog Warns Public of Crypto Clone Firm
The essential budgetary controller of the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), cautioned that ICAP Crypto is a clone firm in an open declaration on May 24.

As indicated by the report, ICAP Crypto is a clone firm of ICAP Europe Limited. Clone firms are a kind of trick wherein the con artists use data from authentic firms trying to persuade focuses on that they are certifiable.

For this situation, ICAP Europe Limited is a real firm that is approved by the FCA, and its subtleties are being engendered in tricks utilizing the also named ICAP Crypto "firm" which is neither approved nor enlisted by the FCA.

In 2018, the FCA issued admonitions over in any event two ostensibly crypto-related clone firms. The primary clone, Fair Oaks Crypto, endeavored to befuddle focuses by professing to be partnered with Fair Oaks Capital. The second clone, Good Crypto, ran its trick by distorting a portion of the enrollment data of the genuine firm Arup Corporate Finance as its own.

As recently announced by Cointelegraph, the FCA expressed for the current week that crypto and forex speculators in the U.K. were defrauded out of over $34 million from 2018–2019. The FCA proceeded to state that it was mulling over a restriction on "high-hazard subordinate items connected to cryptoassets."

The FCA additionally as of late acknowledged three blockchain organizations into its administrative sandbox. As indicated by the FCA, past blockchain ventures they have affirmed include:

"... computerized character arrangements, stages which tokenize issuance of monetary instruments, and administrations went for encouraging more noteworthy access to money related administrations for defenseless purchasers."
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Forex: CBN Sold $500m, Speculators Set To Count Losses

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What’s a Marxist Critique of currency trading and speculation (forex) ?

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Will Bernie Sanders’ “Wall Street speculation tax” impact forex trading?

This tax would impose a .5% tax on all stock trades, .1% tax on bond trades, and 0.005% tax on derivatives.
My question is, will this impact forex trading??
Obviously for day traders in the stock market, this will hurt big time. I’m not able to find any info anywhere on whether or not this will impact forex/currency trading.
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Will Bernie Sanders’ “Wall Street speculation tax” impact forex transactions?

This tax will impose a .5% tax on all stock trades, .1% tax on bond trades, and 0.005% tax on derivatives.
My question is, will this impact forex trading??
Obviously for day traders in the stock market, this will hurt big time. I’m not able to find any info anywhere on whether or not this will impact forex/currency trading.
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Comparing between Forex and Gold for Speculation

What do you guys think about owning a foreign exchange saving account (specifically USD) for speculation? How's the ROI compared to gold? (I know forex is higher chance of risk compared to gold but just to be sure)
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http://twitter.com/forex_in_world/status/1261935986596098048Forex Speculators Edge USD Index Bets Higher. Yen, Euro Bullish Bets Rise https://t.co/RM22Un1oFb— FOREX IN WORLD (@forex_in_world) May 17, 2020

http://twitter.com/forex_in_world/status/1261935986596098048Forex Speculators Edge USD Index Bets Higher. Yen, Euro Bullish Bets Rise https://t.co/RM22Un1oFb— FOREX IN WORLD (@forex_in_world) May 17, 2020 submitted by Red-its to forextweet [link] [comments]

Dao 2.0 and Government 2.0 Proposal

Borrowing from and expanding on Backfeed's governance proposal:
  1. 0 Proposals Go Through Stages:
Revision and Criticism Stage Cycle "Referendum stages": the idea that a proposal must go through a stage where it is criticized by the community and by delegated experts. The original proposal then takes all of this feedback into account, revises and it is given feedback and criticism again, it repeats this cycle until enough people are happy with it. THEN it goes through to the next stage. "Live Proposal" Stage. That would take place in a forum setting or in another setting before the group voted to move it to the next stage (not a single person acting on their own).
Live Proposal Stages: If a proposal that is in the revision and criticism stage cycle passes that system and gets enough Yes' then you can move onto the Live proposal Stage. That stage is where people vote. Doing it this way makes it so that only quality proposals hit the stage, kinda like having a smaller court, and then taking that proposal to the supreme court where it gets voted on. This ensure that all proposals are quality proposals before hitting the board and can fairly be voted on from there.
Holding Stage and Grace Period: In the final stage of a proposal when a fundraising goal is met, coins are not released at the LAST minute when the final vote is cast similar to a poll being closed. The votes are closed. The coins are held for 24-48 hours for the Delegated Curators, our referees to look it over and then the rewards are released.
  1. 0 Delegated Curators Delegated Curators: Having the curators be a decentralized circle or group of experts. The Curators remain the same, but they are members of the community voted in based on their expertise in the field of business. Their job is to protect voters and token holders from abuse. More importantly the Curators should not have a conflict of interest, they should be referees, they should be transparent, and they should give frequent updates, there should be no radio silence. Shapeshift is a great example of non-emotional and transparent leadership.
Reputation can be a weakness here, so the ability to be transparent and give updates, without radio silence is a must, responding quickly and promptly to issues that arise in the community. It is very important that anyone chosen to be a Curator cannot have a conflict of interest, those on the board are not allowed to submit their own proposals and have to step down if they do.
Update: The original wording of 2.0 said 'replacing the curators' I want to make it clear that I don't want to 'replace' our current board of Curators. Originally I did not know the background behind the curators when writing this, this was my ignorance. I didn't know that the curators had experience with ethereum. I got confused during the hype because of the heated response from someone on the slock.it team. I thought THEY were one of the curators based on someone's reply to them, and that 'scared' me, hence why I said curators should be decentralized and voted in and the ones should be replaced. I recant that statement though requiring that any Curators voted in have or meet those qualifications as our current board does might be a good idea. (All the more reason why we need educated voters or a system in place )
  1. 0 Splitting, Rewards and Voter Participation Voting Participation is an Event: Instead of requiring 20% of the entire Dao Token community participate we should have a system similar to facebook events and meetups. For a select period of time similar to how the DAO Token was created you have 28 days to say whether you will be participating in an event or just watching. It is 20% of THOSE who promise to show up before the polls are closed whose voices are heard.
Rewards: Only those who agree to participate and show up will receive a large reward and payout, all those who did not receive a large payout get smaller rewards. You take a bigger risk, your reward is bigger, you take little to no risk your reward is smaller.
Splitting: (More to Come Soon!) UPDATE:A vast majority of issues arise from splitting and attacks that result from it. One idea is to make rewards for NOT splitting, GREATER than the rewards FOR SPLITTING. Those people who split forfeit the reward, or receive a penalty? I'm still currently working on a solution and brainstorming. But tackling this area is an important issue. How to handle splits. Therefore this is something I am thinking on and researching diligently to hear solutions others have come up with around the community to handle this.
4.0 Two Types of Token Holders: Expert Voters vs. Ranked Populace Voters
Delegate Token Holders/Board of Experts: In Democracy there is both a popular vote and then there is a Delegate vote. Delegates usually have a higher voting power than the general populace. I believe each proposal should have delegate experts picked for that specific job. These members are elected from the ranked populace token holders, and can be de-elected based on how well they do their job and decisions that they vote on (did they vote on something that HURT the community or HELPED it?).
Ranked Populace Token Holders : I believe that people among the populace often have concerns and real fears. The delegate vote should be required to be able to figure out what it is the populace wants and be able to come up with a plan to achieve that. The popular vote should be allowed to disagree with the Delegates if they feel what they came up with, among the community there should be people in the populace who aren't delegated but who have earned their right to have higher voting power.
In the above I mention "Ranked Populace Token Holders", these are general population token holders, who have not been delegated. I propose that members who consistently participate in the community, who are thoughtful, critical, and not 'just yes' people, but find flaws and constructive proposals that lead us to build better should be given points. Rewards like voting on a proposal that was successful in terms of reward and interest that benefited its members and the Dao. Members who help build upon the community. This ranking is reputation. The highest ranking members can be voted on by the community to become delegate token holders. Who you can vote up or vote off based on their job. (you can lose reputation points just as easily as you gain it).
Your Dao's Worth: How many Dao Token's you hold, in combination with your reputation should be combined to make a total score, with reputation (something earned) weighing more than how many tokens you have. These are two separate things. You could have 1,000 DAO and have a high vote, but if you don't have a high reputation it won't mean as much.
Update: I think because there are two schemes at play here, dao token buyers/sellers who sell the tokens for the highest price, make gains and are constantly changing hands, investors who are trying to buy the tokens to participate and vote, is all the more reason why having a reputation system that is separate from a persons Dao Token could be valuable, to determine who is vested and who isn't. Think of it like Reddit's Karma, or Xem's reputation system and other similar situations to prevent abuse, and so forth. Something like -that- or some other viable alternative so that all people who are part of the 'dao economy' are rewarded based on their different roles (token sellers are valuable, but so are people who vote, theDao is an 'ecosystem' that should reflect this imo). People just interested in selling tokens are rewarded by selling them and buying strategically, whereas people interested in it long-term are focused on quality, and might hold their coins or a portion which could be vested or some other reputation, and something that encourages participation, making it more rewarding than splitting would be for those who stick around. (note that the same thing you see playout on the market with people panicing and selling low, is what plays out among shareholders who are splitting right now, the ones who attempt to split if they feel they are going to be at a loss, look at theDao people sold the tokens below what they brought it for out of panic, instead of rationally selling at or above the price or waiting for their original ETH they ended up losing, splitting follows the same mindset because the people entering this aren't investors or shareholders, they're forex speculators which requires a different mindset to begin with. Approaching the problem from that mindset can help us understanding what type of ecosystem we have to build around and what we have to work with)
I plan to update this proposal based on criticism I receive, feedback, modifying it to come up with a better solution. I also plan to add to it!
EDIT: Added this to the Dao Consider It Page. Will update it with feedback and consensus. https://dao.consider.it/dao-20-and-governance-20-revamp3
The dao as an ecosystem, reputation system needed page: https://forum.daohub.org/t/thedao-as-an-ecosystem-reputation-system-needed/3859
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Forex - Dollar Lower as Speculation Swirls Pre-Trade Talks

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Forex - Sterling Rises on Speculation of UK Softening Brexit Stance

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@AlphaexCapital : CFTC commitments of traders: EUR and GBP shorts are the largest speculative positions https://t.co/mFVIxrpdLP #forex #forextrading #investing

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Some has to lose for someone else to win?

I heard someone say before that in forex you don't want to follow the "mainstream" aka most popular trend predictions, because someone has to lose for another to win. Everyone can't be winners. And fact is that most traders are losers.
Is that really right though? Can someone explain more? I mean the popular predictions are popular for a good reason, and that is because all the indicators show that it's far more likely for the trend to go in a specific direction than the other way.
Also, if it that was true, then it wouldn't be in the expert's interest to make posts and videos to show their trend predictions and charts, unless they are deceiving us by showing us the opposite of what they think will happen? But in that case they wouldn't have many followers for long.
But if it is true that you want as many people to make the same trade as you, then why are people saying that it's against the interest of the real pros who have actually winning strategies and winning expert AI to publicly release their strategies?
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Use Revolut for speculative forex

I see in Terms and conditions that it is forbidden to use the Revolut Services to trade FX for speculative purposes or for FX arbitrage.
I have bought some NOK and GBP (about 3000$ worth of each) as they are currently very low against my home currency. I want to use Revolut to keep part of my savings and regularly buy cheap foreign currencies and exchange them again over 3-6 months.
Have you done this? Is this arbitrage? Did you have any issues with Revolut?
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08-03 21:21 - 'Ever heard of forex? Because it doesn't just exist for crypto, people speculate on "real" fiat currencies as well.' by /u/wg_shill removed from /r/belgium within 13-23min

Ever heard of forex? Because it doesn't just exist for crypto, people speculate on "real" fiat currencies as well.
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Author: wg_shill
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Forex Trading Tutorial- Intro to Speculative Trading for Full time Employed Forex Trading Video: December Fed Speculation Lifts Dollar Towards Range High, Equities Now Lag Risk EURUSD forex price action and speculation The Forex Trading System for Speculation with Constant ... Speculative attack on a currency  Foreign exchange and ...

Définition forex spéculation : Acheter ou vendre une valeur mobilière en vue de gagner des plus-values. Speculation And Forex . For traders engaging in speculative forex trading, it’s a risky business. When one of the currency pairs goes up, the other goes down and these price movements are affected by social, economic and political events such as inflation, interest rates, changes in GDP, import/export numbers or market stability. Familiarise yourself with the psychology of speculation in forex. Speculation involves a lot of risk, fear, gain, and loss. These emotions can quickly get the better of you, so it’s a good idea to read up on the psychology of trading and begin to identify when you’re letting emotion get in the way of logic. Losses can be disappointing. Don’t let them overcome your frame of mind. Many ... Forex Trading - Speculation: Trading on the belief that a currency price will go up or down. There is always a risk, because forex trading Speculation in Shares and Forex Market Submitted by adil on Mon, 03/04/2013 - 06:03 Tagged as: Forex Trading , Forex Trading What is Forex Speculation? Speculation is a very common term in the money markets. This is a term that comes with varying definitions depending where one does his trading. The many dimensions of the term are linked in one ... Forex speculation is the name of the game in trading. Every trader, at some point or another, has to click ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ and commit to a position based on their analysis even though ... The evolution of the Internet in the late 20th and early 21st century propelled growth in online Forex brokers. This gave regular investors an easy and effective way to speculate in currencies for profit, based on the ongoing changes in prices. Trading The large majority of currency speculation is done by traders who have no other purpose for buying and selling currencies than profiting on ... Melangkah dengan saluran pencernaan anda mungkin kos wang anda. perdagangan Forex adalah pasaran yang amat tidak menentu di mana perasaan mempunyai kecenderungan untuk menjalankan tinggi. Emosi boleh mempengaruhi keputusan trading anda, melainkan anda mempunyai sebenarnya satu kaedah yang dirancang terlebih dahulu, serta kekal dengannya, apa sahaja yang anda menganggap anda lihat sekarang ... Forex Trading - The important difference in Speculating or Investing : It is very important that the individual wanting to trade foreign exchange be aware of the very marked difference between speculation and investment. Foreign exchange trading is by nature a speculative occupation. Foreign exchange markets are amongst the most volatile markets in the world. When traded on a margined basis ... Forex, the in a foreign country exchange market, is the global advertise that sells currency plus is largely motivated by the yield yet portfolios of a big wig or businesses geographical region. Large monetary institutions, businesses, likewise for distinctive citizenry, earn millions on a usual by earning wary decisions on anything currency to pay for or occupation. The outlandish exchange ...

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Forex Trading Tutorial- Intro to Speculative Trading for Full time Employed

See Page Here: https://bit.ly/30uWoMS - The Forex Trading System for Speculation with Constant Fundamentals Explained Others like to wait till the close of t... A foreign exchange major currency pair EURUSD price action study of Oct 5. Do not check it: https://www.exness.com/a/uvmuevdt Our Mentorship Program on forex... Speculative Forex , commodities, indices, bonds etc... traders are very well informed and follow market sentiment. In the following tutorials I'll expand on the 'how to' and resources required to ... Talking Points: • The ICE Dollar Index is just off a two-year range high as December Fed forecast stands at 94 percent • Risk trends take a swing higher, but the saddled markets like emerging ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Watch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/macroeconomics/forex-trade-topic/currency-reserves/v/financial-crisis-in-thailand...